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General Terms

The app allows you to enhance the beauty of your mobile by downloading static and live wallpapers of your choice. We are fully committed to beautify your user experience with wallpapers and related features.

Please note that the app is only for personal non-commercial use. 


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us and we wish to eliminate any privacy concerns of our users. We recommend you to go through the Privacy Policy of our app before downloading it. In case of any concerns, please contact our support team before accessing our service.


Intellectual Property

The service, source code, features, UI/UX design, live and static wallpapers, original content, photographs, illustrations, artwork, videos, sounds, music and functionality of the app will remain our exclusive property and nobody has the right to copy them. Our service is protected by the copyright and trademark. We possess the right to copyright claim anytime.

In case of any illegal use of our exclusive property, we will be bound to take legal action against the person, group or community to protect our reserved rights.



We may cancel or terminate your use of our service, without prior notice, for any reason, especially if we sense any security or terms of use breach. Upon cancellation, you will not be able to access our service.



You can download the app and enjoy many exciting features free of charge, however, to access premium features, we recommend you buy the pro version of the app. The pro subscription will allow you to access all the locked features. 

To save you the trouble, we will automatically renew your subscription if it is not canceled within 24 hours before the end of your current subscription. However, you can disable this option by adjusting your settings. The subscription once purchased cannot be canceled. There is no money-return policy.


Fee Changes and New Offers

We possess the right to modify the subscription fee at any time or add a new offer for you to enjoy. However, we ensure that the modified subscription fee or that of the new offer will be reasonable and affordable. Please note that the fee changes will become effective at the end of the then-current billing cycle. 

A prior notice will be provided to you about any fee changes or new offers. This will give you the opportunity to terminate your subscription or switch, before any changes become effective.


Money-Return Policy

Your subscriptions will be automatically renewed until you disable this option in the settings. The subscription once purchased cannot be canceled and there is no money-return policy.

However, any refund case submitted to us will be carefully reviewed and considered if reasonable.


Governing Law

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